Young adult novel

Return to Storyworld

The sequel to “Dodger’s Doorway” and the second chapter of “The Storyworld Saga”

A clockmaker is dead, a town is in disarray, and a mysterious murderer is on the loose. Agent Holmes of the Himshire Investigators may be facing his toughest case yet, and if he wants to solve it, he’ll need some help.

Mark Bishop and his old friends Humpty Dumpty and Rumpelstiltskin must team up with Agent Holmes and a band of classic characters to solve the mystery of the clockmaker’s murder. Along the way, they discover that there are much more sinister forces at play. *Note: There is some minor language and violence in this book.*

Author : Alessandro Reale (USA)
Year : 2019
Language : Anglais.
Genre :yound adult
Age : 10-18 years old
Number of pages : 318
Price : $19